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Playing the games

How old do you have to be to play the Lottery?

In Oregon, you must be 18 or older to play Scratch-its and jackpot games like Powerball. You must be 21 or older to play Video Lottery or Scoreboard (our online sports betting game).

Can you win the lottery if you don’t live in that state?

Here in Oregon, as long as your winning ticket was purchased inside the geographical boundaries of our beautiful state, you can win regardless of where you might call home. We like visitors! Come enjoy the natural beauty of Oregon and grab a ticket while you’re here.

Why did the starting jackpots on Powerball and Mega Millions change?

Due to the economic strain of COVID-19, many of the states that sell Powerball and Mega Millions, including Oregon, have seen a change in lottery play. As a result, Powerball and Mega Millions no longer have a set starting amount, but will vary based on sales and interest rates.

Why did Oregon’s Game Megabucks increases change?

Like many states, Oregon has experienced some economic strain due to COVID-19. As the play of Oregon’s Game Megabucks has been impacted, jackpot rolls have been adjusted to $100,000 per draw regardless of the jackpot amount. The starting jackpot continues to be $1 Million.

Is there a trick to winning the lottery?

Lottery games are games of chance, so there is no trick or magic when it comes to winning the Lottery. A visual explanation of how odds work with our games is on our Scratch-its page.

How do you win the big jackpot?

While the odds of winning a smaller prize are often favorable, your chances of winning the big prize are slim, which makes those wins so exciting. If you want to have the most fun playing the lottery, here’s how you do it:

  1. Buy a ticket or two. You have a zero percent chance of winning if you don’t have a ticket.
  2. Don’t buy too many tickets. This should be part of your entertainment budget, something you do just for fun. Overspending on Lottery games or on gambling in general isn’t joyful for anyone.
  3. Know that with every game we sell, winners are totally random. There are no special secrets, hot machines, magical spells, or tips and tricks to winning a game. The winning numbers are randomly generated by a computer and that’s it.
  4. Many of our players ask why bigger states seem to win the big jackpots. It’s simple, larger populations have more people in those states buying tickets. If a state sells a million more tickets, there is more likely to be a winner there. If you want to increase your odds (but with smaller jackpots), try Oregon’s Game Megabucks— the jackpot game sold only in Oregon.
  5. See if your ticket was a winner. You can check your numbers on the Oregon Lottery website or by scanning your ticket (any Oregon Lottery ticket) on our mobile app.

What Lottery game has the best odds?

The best odds at winning a big jackpot is Raffle, which is 1 in 250,000 to win $1 million. In fact, those of some of the best odds to win a prize that size in the entire world. Odds are better for winning smaller amounts and vary by the game. Specific odds are listed for each game throughout this site on the game’s details page.

I bought 4 Scratch-it tickets and the odds were 1 in 4 so why didn’t I win?

Overall odds refers to the chance of winning across all tickets for the entire game, not for a batch of tickets sold at one location. For example, let’s say a game has 4 million tickets and 1 million of those will be winners. Imagine putting all 4 million tickets into a giant bag and shaking them up so they mix up randomly. The odds of winning will be 1 in 4, but that doesn’t mean if you reach into the bag 4 times then you’ll be guaranteed to pull out a winning ticket. This is essentially what happens with tickets that are randomly placed across the state throughout the entire run of tickets.

Can I play Lottery online?

The Lottery’s sports betting game, Scoreboard, is available online as are entries for Scratch-it Second Chance drawings. We are aware of the enormous potential and convenience of the Internet and are monitoring state lotteries in the US who do offer online ticket sales. We will continue to provide the latest information about our games, background on the Lottery and other helpful information on this website.

What is a Quick Pick?

On jackpot games, you can either choose the numbers you want or select Quick Pick to have the computer randomly pick the numbers for you.

Do I have a better chance to win if I choose Quick Pick or select my own numbers?

The odds of winning are the same, either way. More people choose the convenience of Quick Pick so there are more Quick Pick winners. About 70% of tickets sold are Quick Picks, and because the odds are the same, about 70% percent of prizes won come from Quick Picks.

Do I win anything if I just get the Powerball number?

Short answer, Yes! You win $4 even without matching any white balls when you have the Powerball number. You can get all the details on our Powerball page.

Do you win money if you match two numbers in Powerball?

If you only match two white ball numbers, that ticket would be a non-winner. However, if you match the red Powerball and another white ball you win a prize. If you don’t have the Powerball, you’ll need to match at least three white balls to win. Obviously, the more white ball numbers you match, the bigger the prize. Powerball specifics are all available on that game’s section of our website.

How much do you win if you match the Powerball and one number?

If you match the Powerball and one of the white ball numbers, congratulations, you win $4. It’s always a good idea to scan your ticket with the Oregon Lottery mobile app just to be sure.

How much do you win if you get one number on Mega Millions?

If you match one number from the first set on Mega Millions, that’s a non-winning ticket. However, if you match just the Mega Ball and no other numbers, go ahead and fist pump, you just won $2. Just to be sure, download the Oregon Lottery mobile app and scan your ticket with your smartphone before you head to the store to collect your prize.

How many numbers do you have to match to win Megabucks?

With Oregon’s Game Megabucks, if you match three of the six numbers, you win a free Megabucks ticket (or you’ll win $4 if you added the Kicker). But if you match all six numbers you’ll be living out some dreams and doing that big money dance of joy. Obviously, the more numbers you match with the drawn numbers, the bigger prizes you win. Check out our Megabucks section for all the Oregon’s Game Megabucks details.

Do Scratch-it tickets expire?

Yes, usually a year after the game has ended. Check here to see the last date to claim a prize for a specific ticket.

What’s the largest jackpot in history?

Mega Millions jackpot reached $1.6 billion in October, 2018. Powerball was a close second at $1.586 billion.

Has anyone in Oregon ever won the Powerball jackpot?

Yes, the Oregon Lottery is proud to have had a few $150 million+ Powerball winners. In 2005, two families shared a $340 million Powerball jackpot. We award millions in smaller Powerball prizes every month. For a list of Powerball winners, you can find the list of winners right here on our website. And if you’re counting, Oregon has had five Powerball jackpot winners.

Has anyone in Oregon won Mega Millions?

Here in Oregon we have awarded a $1 Million+ prize and millions in smaller prizes, collectively each month, but have yet to award the big jackpot on a Mega Millions drawing. Maybe you’ll be the first! For specific Mega Millions winners, visit the winners section of our website.

Winning a Prize – FAQ

What’s the first thing to do if you win the lottery?

Celebrate, fist pump, do a happy dance…whatever feels right! Then sign the back of your ticket to show that it’s yours.

I won! How do get my prize?

Where you claim your prize depends on how much you won and which game you played. Smaller prizes can be claimed where you play or buy your ticket, but larger prizes need to be redeemed by mail or at a Lottery office. Our Claiming Prizes page will give you all the details.

How long does it take to get your money if you win the lottery?

Generally, you get any prize money as soon as your ticket is validated as a winner at an Oregon Lottery retailer or store. If someone wins a large prize, after the appropriate paperwork and background checks are completed, the claim is paid that day. Typically, the whole process takes 30 minutes to an hour. Some people choose to mail in their claim form, which requires 3-5 business days for processing once received. Multi-state games such as Powerball and Mega Millions can take up to two weeks for a jackpot prize to be deposited in the winner’s account.

What time does the Oregon Lottery open?

Our typical open hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but for specific days and details, visit Contact Us.

What happens if you find a winning lottery ticket?

In the Lottery we use a legal term called the “bearer instrument.” That just means the person who possesses the ticket is the winner. This is why we suggest that everyone signs the back of any Lottery ticket they buy! At the point that ticket is a winner, it is as good as cash, signing the back of it is additional winthat you’ll receive your prize. So you if you find a winning lottery ticket and can’t find the owner, it stands to reason that you could claim the prize connected to that ticket. The same goes for a ticket given as a gift. The ticket is the bearer instrument and whosoever possesses the ticket can claim an associated prize.

Will I get my prize all at once or in payments?

If you win a jackpot playing Powerball, Mega Millions or Oregon’s Game Megabucks, you can choose between a one-time cash payment or receiving 30 annual installments. There are several reasons to choose either way, it’s up to you to choose. All other prizes are paid in one lump sum. We recommend consulting with a trusted financial planner to help you make the choice that is best for you.

If I win a prize, can I stay anonymous?

Nope. There are just a handful of lotteries in the U.S. that do allow winners to remain anonymous. In Oregon, certain information about Lottery prizes is public record, including the name of the winner, amount of the prize, date of the drawing, name of the game played and city in which the winning ticket was purchased.

Can I share my prize with a family member or friend?

Absolutely. Winners of large Lottery prizes often want to share their good fortune with family and friends, and we do our best to accommodate those wishes.

If a jackpot winner dies before they get all their prize, who gets the prize?

Any remaining payments for a jackpot annuity will go to the designated heir(s) of the estate. This designation can be made when the winner redeems the ticket.

Do lottery winners go broke?

Stories about big jackpot winners spending all their winnings make for engaging news content and interesting conversations. It certainly has happened. While we don’t track the finances or taxes of big winners here at the Oregon Lottery, we often hear back from winners who experienced a life-changing jackpot in the form of phone calls, postcards or social media messages. Generally they are stories of Oregonians who are prudent with their spending, enjoying early retirements, paying off debt, or any number of ways their lives were made easier with the dollars they won.

In terms of best use of the money, there are several important things to consider when someone wins a life-changing prize:

  1. Sign your ticket and validate your win with the Lottery. You have 60 days after validation to actually claim the prize, giving you more than ample time to do the research needed to make the most of your win.
  2. Consult a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a financial advisor. They can help you navigate all the tax implications as well as any financial approaches that best fit your lifestyle.
  3. Don’t be too hasty. Spending recklessly is inadvisable in any situation at best. If you make a snap decision, claim your prize without some professional advice and buy outside your means, you won’t make the most of your Lottery prize.
  4. Celebrate and stay calm. We have several people each year win and claim $1 million+ jackpots, and it doesn’t need to be a stressful or scary process. While we can’t give out any financial advice, we’re here to give you the factual, common sense information you need.

Do lottery prize winnings count as income?

The Oregon Lottery withholds an 8% state tax on all prizes of $1,500 and more. This means that the Lottery will pay your prize minus the 8% state tax. This is in compliance with a state law that went into effect Jan. 1, 2018. Non-Video Lottery prizes over $5,000 will have both the 8% state and 24% federal taxes withheld. Video Lottery prizes only have the 8% state tax withheld.

Do I have to claim lottery winnings on my taxes?

Claiming taxes on Lottery play or winnings all depends on your personal situation. Players receive a W2G form for tax purposes for prizes over $600 or for any prizes won through Oregon Lottery Scoreboard. Players can also report gambling losses each year as well. It is advised to consult a tax professional to learn more details about how to best handle any tax obligations related to gambling or Lottery prizes.

How much tax do you pay on lottery winnings in Oregon?

The Oregon Lottery withholds an 8% state tax on all prizes of $1,500 and more. This means that the Lottery will pay your prize minus the 8% state tax. This complies with a state law that went into effect Jan. 1, 2018. Non-Video Lottery prizes over $5,000 will have both the 8% state and 24% federal taxes withheld. Video Lottery prizes only have the 8% state tax withheld.

Do lottery winnings affect unemployment?

How lottery prizes or winnings affect your taxes or potentially unemployment benefits, depends upon your individual financial situation. Winning a lottery prize over $600 does get reported as taxable income, so do any research you need in order to make the best decision for your own financial situation.

Are lottery winnings taxed twice?

Lottery winnings are not taxed twice. Just like a raise in wage, some people who win a significant prize may move into a new, higher tax bracket that may adjust their tax obligations at the end of the year. We advise anyone who claims a prize to consult a CPA or a financial advisor to make sure there are no surprises when taxes come due each year.

Do lottery winnings get taxed every year?

To be clear, any large Oregon Lottery prize claim counts as taxable income. This can depend upon whether a winner of a big jackpot prize like Powerball or Mega Millions chooses to distribute via a cash pay or annuity option. An annuity option pays out a larger amount of dollars over 30 years, but each annuity payment would be subject to tax. A one-time lump sum cash payment pays out less overall but as it comes in a single payment, gets taxed at payout.

Do lottery winnings count towards child support?

Based on Oregon law, anyone who claims a prize of $600 or more goes through a background check to make sure they are up-to-date on any money owed to the State of Oregon, including child support. If someone is behind on payments, the amount is deducted prior to paying out a prize claim. This does not include any federal money owed.

Can creditors take your lottery winnings?

Creditors cannot garnish your lottery prizes in Oregon. Typically, a creditor that holds a judgment against a person cannot simply take money from them to pay off the judgment debt, there is a process of getting court-ordered garnishment that generally only touches on a percentage of someone’s work wages. Prizes over $600 ($1500+ for Video Lottery prizes) are reported as taxable income however, so none of this precludes a creditor from admitting evidence of a lottery prize claim to the courts after the fact.

Do lottery winnings affect Social Security benefits?

Lottery prize claims do not affect Social Security benefits. Many retirees are familiar with the Social Security benefits test and the good news for winners is that Lottery prize income do not play into that test. If a large prize changes a winner’s taxable income greatly, there could be some Medicare implications. It is always best to consult a financial advisor or a CPA prior to claiming a high dollar prize.

Do you have to pay Social Security on lottery winnings?

Oregon Lottery prize winnings are not subject to Social Security taxes, but they are included as income when it comes to paying federal and state income taxes.

How the Lottery Works – FAQ

How much money goes to prizes?

Oregon law requires that at least 50% of the Lottery’s total annual sales is paid to players as prizes. Most of the rest goes to funding state programs. A small percentage is used for operating costs. Click here for all the details.

What does the Oregon Lottery fund? How much do they get?

Nearly every Lottery-generated dollar recirculates back to Oregonians. Based on voter approval, Lottery profits fund Education, State Parks, Natural Resources (Watershed Enhancement), Economic Development, Veterans’ Services, Outdoor Schools and Problem Gambling Treatment. Additionally, Lottery dollars pay hundreds of millions in prizes each year, commissions to businesses that sell Lottery games, contracts to Oregon-based vendors and the salaries of an Oregonian workforce dedicated to doing good things for the state they call home. For detailed allocations of funding, take a look at the Where the Money Goes section of our website.

Who decides where Lottery dollars go?

The Lottery itself plays no role in how or where Lottery dollars are spent. Oregonians vote to approve constitutional amendments that determine the categories of programs that may receive Oregon Lottery funds. Most recently, Oregonians voted to fund Outdoor Schools and Veterans’ Services with Lottery funding.

How much of the money goes to the Lottery?

By law, no more than 16% of total annual sales can be used to run the Oregon Lottery (administrative costs). The Lottery typically operates at less than 4%. This includes things like commissions for the stores who sell Lottery games, the cost of buying and distributing games, paying prizes, and Lottery operating expenses.

Does the Oregon Lottery receive any funding from tax dollars?

No. The Oregon Lottery is entirely self-financed through its game sales and receives no tax dollars to operate.

Who plays the Lottery?

People who play the Lottery are typical Oregonians in terms of age, income, and education. We update our player profile each year to illustrate the demographics of Lottery players in Oregon

How many stores sell Oregon Lottery?

Right now, there are about 3,900 Oregon Lottery retailers across the state.

How do I apply for Oregon Lottery funds to support my business?

If you would like more information about the process to apply for Lottery-funded business loans, business support services and grants for community development projects log onto the Business Oregon website ( or call 503-986-0123.

What happens to unclaimed lottery money?

Any prizes that are not claimed within the designated time are transferred to the State to be used to fund the voter-approved beneficiaries.

Problem gambling and responsible gaming

What is the prevalence of problem gambling?

Current studies show the prevalence of problem gamblers in Oregon to be about 2.6 percent of adult Oregonians, potentially impacting approximately 84,000 people across the state.

What is the Oregon Lottery doing to address problem gambling?

The Oregon Legislature directs more than $5 million of Lottery revenue per year to fund free problem gambling treatment statewide. The Lottery dedicates an additional $3 million each year in advertising to connect problem gamblers or others impacted by gambling issues to resources that are free, confidential, and effective. Visit our responsible gaming page for details about the Lottery’s role in responsible gaming in Oregon.

If I, or someone I know, have an issue with gambling, how do I get help?

Regardless of the source of a gambling problem — casinos, internet, social games, or Lottery — problem gambling treatment in Oregon is free, confidential and it works. To learn more, start by visiting the Oregon Problem Gambling Resource.

My Lottery FAQs

What is My Lottery?

A My Lottery account lets you manage your preferences, app account and Second Chance entries with a just a single login. Start today for Lottery the easy way!

Why did Second Chance move to My Lottery?

Simple! We wanted to make all things Lottery easier. With My Lottery you can log in to enter for Second Chance, but also update your information and preferences, all with just one login. Please note, Scoreboard is a separate app, and your login may not be the same as My Lottery.

Where can I update my contact information?

Log into My Lottery and select the Profile tab. You can edit your name, phone number, address, change your password or update your email newsletter preferences from there.

How do I change the email I use for My Lottery?

Please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form, providing your information, including your current email and the new email. The Lottery will reach out to you to verify your information for security purposes and help with the update.

Can I buy tickets or cash out prizes through My Lottery?

No, we currently do not have any purchasing or payment options in My Lottery.

Want to know more about our games, or winning big prizes, or who decides where Lottery dollars go? This is the place.

When You Win

If you won, Congratulations! But now what? Where do you claim your prize? Do you owe taxes? What are your payment options? Read below for all the answers. But before you do, sign the back of your winning ticket and take a deep breath. It feels good to win. In most cases, you have up to a year to claim your prize—plenty of time to get all the answers you need. So celebrate!

NOTICE: Salem and Wilsonville lottery offices are currently closed to the public.

Although you can’t visit us in person, the Lottery’s payment center is staffed and operating. We are currently fulfilling most prizes by mail-in claims. Read below for more information on how to claim and learn about exceptions to the mail-in requirement.

Claiming Prizes by Mail

Our Salem and Wilsonville offices are closed to the public, but we’re still hard at work fulfilling mail-in claims by the hundreds each week!

If you won up to $50,000!
If you’re a winner of up to $50,000, be sure to sign the back of your ticket. Complete the Winner Claim Form – English, Spanish, and mail it in with your signed, original winning ticket to the Lottery office in Salem (mail-in claims are not processed at the Wilsonville payment center). Be sure to keep a copy for your own records. We recommend sending your ticket by registered mail.

Mail to:
Oregon Lottery
PO Box 14515
Salem, OR 97309

Note: Because we need your physical winning ticket, we are unable to accept claims by fax or email.

When will I get my prize?

The simple answer is as soon as possible!

But with mailing, processing time, and staffing levels that are sometimes impacted by this year’s unique challenges, pinning down an exact timeline is difficult. We’ve outlined the process below to give you a better idea of what to expect.

Be assured that, just like you, we want to get your prize processed quickly. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Prize Claim Timeline

WIN! The first step might just be the hardest. But if you’re here to claim a prize, you already did it. Congratulations!

SEND Unless your win qualifies as an exception to the main-in process (see above), sign your ticket and mail it to us with your claim form – ideally by registered mail.

PROCESSING Once we get your claim, we’ll start the process of issuing your Elan Prepaid Card or check. Processing time depends on how many prize claims we’ve received and staffing levels. Although we work as quickly as we can, please allow up to three weeks for this step.

RETURN MAIL Yay! Your prepaid card or check is on its way. Once it’s in your hands, you’re on your own for the final step – deciding what to do with your win. Congrats!

How to Claim Your Prize

Jackpot Prizes


Up to $600

Prizes up to $600 may be claimed at any Lottery retailer. Staying home? Prizes up to $50,000 should be claimed by mail. See details in “Claiming prizes by mail” to get more info and download the Winner Claim Form.



For now, prizes up to $50,000 should be claimed by mail. See details in “Claiming prizes by mail” to get more info and download the Winner Claim Form.



If you’re lucky enough to have a big win over $50,000, you’ll need to make an appointment to come to the Oregon Lottery office in Salem. Call 503-540-1000 for assistance.

Most prizes can be claimed by mail

Scratch It Prizes


Up to $600

Prizes up to $600 may be claimed at any Lottery retailer. Staying home? Prizes up to $50,000 should be claimed by mail. See details in “Claiming prizes by mail” to get more info and download the Winner Claim Form.



For now, prizes up to $50,000 should be claimed by mail. See details in “Claiming prizes by mail” to get more info and download the Winner Claim Form.



If you’re lucky enough to have a big win over $50,000, you’ll need to make an appointment to come to the Oregon Lottery office in Salem. Call 503-540-1000 for assistance.

Most prizes can be claimed by mail

Video Lottery Prizes


Up to $1,250

Video Lottery prizes of up to $1,250 may be claimed at the retailer where the prize was won (within 28 days of the date the ticket was issued).

Video Lottery prizes of any amount can also be claimed by mail at any time (you have one year to claim by mail). See details in “Claiming prizes by mail” to get more info and download the Winner Claim Form.


Prizes over $1,250 may be claimed by mail up to a year after winning. See details in “Claiming prizes by mail” to get more info and download the Winner Claim Form.

Most prizes can be claimed by mail

Mail-in Claim Exceptions

Currently, most winners must claim their prizes by mail, but there are a couple of exceptions.

  • Scratch-it, Keno, and jackpot drawing winners of up to $600 can be claimed at any Oregon Lottery retailer (or claimed by mail at the Lottery)
  • Video Lottery winners of up to $1,250 can be claimed at the Lottery retail location when the prize was won (or claimed by mail at the Lottery)
  • If you win on Oregon Lottery Scoreboard, our sports betting app, your prizes and taxes are managed through the Scoreboard app.
  • If you won $50,000 or more on any game (except Scoreboard), you’ll need to come to the Lottery’s Salem office in person to claim your prize. Sign the back of your winning ticket and call 503-540-1000 to make an appointment.

In most cases, you have up to a year to claim your prize. Some winners may opt to postpone their claim as our open hours may change over time. If you choose to delay claiming your prize, it’s especially important to sign your ticket and keep it in a safe place.

Prize Payments by Oregon Lottery Elan Prepaid Card

Mailed-in prize claims of up to $20,000 will be fulfilled with an easy to use Oregon Lottery Elan Prepaid Card (larger prizes will be issued by check).

  • You will have instant access to your winnings. Use your prepaid card anywhere VisaВ® debit and credit cards are accepted.
  • Want cash? Oregon Lottery Elan Prepaid Cards may be used at almost any ATM across the state. To avoid transaction fees, visit your nearest MoneyPass ATM.
  • Video Lottery prizes up to $1,250 can still be claimed at the Lottery retail location where the prize was won. All other Oregon Lottery prizes up to $600 can be claimed at any Oregon Lottery retailer.

Tax and Payout Information

State Tax

The Oregon Lottery automatically withholds an 8% state tax on all prizes of $1,500 or more. This follows state law effective January 1, 2018.

Federal Tax

Non-Video Lottery prizes over $5,000 will have both the 8% state and 24% federal taxes withheld.

For Video Lottery prizes, only the 8% state tax withheld.


At the time you get your prize, the Lottery will provide you with your W2G.


If a winner is a non-resident alien, the Lottery is required to withhold 30% federal withholding tax from all prize payments. For prizes of $1,500 and more, Oregon state tax withholding is 8%.

Jackpot Games Payout Options

Cash or Annuity?

You’ve won an Oregon Lottery jackpot! Yay. Did you know you have a couple of options on how to take your prize winnings?

If you win a jackpot playing Powerball, Mega Millions or Oregon’s Game Megabucks, you have two options – choose between a one-time cash payment or you can receive 30 annual installments. You’ll need to choose one when you come to the Lottery office to claim your prize.

Not sure what to do?! You have the option of validating your winning ticket at the Lottery office and then take some time – not too much time – to consider how to take your prize. You’ll need to make your choice within 60 days of the date you brought your winning ticket to the Lottery to be validated.

I’ll Take the Lump Sum, Please!

If you choose the one-time cash payment, you will receive one-half of the advertised prize in one lump sum.

I’d Like 30 Years of Prize Payments!

You second option is to choose the 30-year annuity. Winners of a Powerball, Mega Millions or Oregon’s Game Megabucks jackpot prize who choose the 30-year annuity, fill out a beneficiary designation form when you claim your prize. This form designates who will receive the remaining annuity payments if the winner passes away before the 30-year annuity payments have ended.


Have you won? Congratulations! Some prizes can be claimed from the retailers; others are paid by the Lottery only. Learn how and where to claim your prize. ]]>