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LA Lottery: Scratch-Off Winner Scratched Off Too Much

As he digs his winning scratch-off lottery ticket out of his wallet, Jerry Terry tells us he didn’t call us just to get his jackpot. Terry says he won two dollars on this ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ ticket two weeks ago. Terry says, “it says if you get the cat and two other numbers, you get that amount.” When Terry went to cash in, he says, “it came back that it was a non-winning ticket.” So Terry called the Baton Rouge Louisiana Lottery office and they told him to mail the ticket to them. Not wanting to lose his ticket, his only proof, he called us instead. Terry says, “if this happens to me, it could happen to someone with larger amounts.”

So we hit the phones and called Shreveport’s Louisiana Lottery headquarters. KSLA News 12’s Brent Forbes reads the ticket numbers over the phone saying, “I know the last two numbers are two and zero. I can’t read the first two, they’re scratched out.” And we got our answer right there! Forbes continues, “and that’s the reason he can’t cash it?”

Apparently terry scratched out the critical numbers. Forbes tells Terry, “send it to Baton Rouge they can identify your tickets and you should get your two dollars.” Terry says, “that’s good to know, there are probably others who don’t know so now they won’t scratch so hard.” If that happens it’s a six week wait for your winnings, two dollars or two-thousand.

The Louisiana Lottery says it does not deny payment on winning scratch-off lotto tickets. The game it’s had the most complaints about is the new “World Poker Tour” scratch off.

The Louisiana Lottery sells almost 119 million dollars worth of scratch-off tickets each year, but a Shreveport man says he’s not getting his share of the winnings. The Lottery says players should "scratch carefully." ]]>