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Lotto247 is another great option if you want to play online lotto from India. Although there isn’t a Lotto247 India site as it were, they accept customers from India – this review will go into some of the details about their product so you can see if it suits you. Here at Lucky Dice we judge online lottery sites by 5 different categories which are; Games, Deposit Methods, Website Layout, Trust and Customer Support. Let’s see how Lotto247 shape up in these categories.

  1. Winners at Lotto247
  2. Online Lottery Jackpots
  3. Deposit Methods at Lotto247
  4. Website Layout at Lotto247
  5. Can you trust Lotto247?
  6. Customer Support at Lotto247 in India
  7. Lotto247 App
  8. Final Thoughts
  9. Frequently Asked Questions about Lotto247 India

Winners at Lotto247

Playing the lottery does produce winners and here’s evidence that Lotto247 have done just that. This clip from their official YouTube channel shows what happened when Lotto247 treated some of their winners to a trip to Monaco.

Online Lottery Jackpots

What’s the first thing you look for when you visit an online lottery site? It has to be the international lotteries you can play. Unfortunately this is where Lotto247 let us down a bit – they only offer 15 different lotteries from around the world so the choice isn’t huge. Having said that, they do offer all the big ones like Mega Millions and Powerball, and they do offer a number of ‘side’ games. On their site you can play Keno, Raffles, Instant Win games and Scratch cards so it’s a good all rounder.

Deposit Methods at Lotto247

There are huge range of deposit methods made available to you at Lotto247 – so it should be easy for us purchase online lottery tickets in the hope of finding the jackpot! They have all the usual payment methods like Credit Cards which includes Visa and Mastercard, as well as some popular E-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

At Lotto247, they also accept bank transfer (wire transfer) from a wide variety of banks. If you’re unsure whether they accept you’re preferred bank then simply contact them via their live chat service.

Website Layout at Lotto247

Once you have an account, buying lottery tickets couldn’t be more simple. Go ahead and select your numbers, or if you don’t have any lucky numbers yourself then click autoselect to be randomly assigned some. Playing the lottery in India has never been easier.

Lotto247 are truly a global brand – evidence of which can be find in the language menu of their website. You can view the site in no fewer than 16 languages, one of which is Hindi. To play at Lotto247 in Hindi, simply open the main menu, select languages and scroll to the bottom of the list to find Hindi.

Can you trust Lotto247?

Can you trust Lotto247? Yes you can – the site is operated by Secure View Services Limited who have secured a Curacao Gambling License and are operating from that. The Curacao license is no longer the ‘easy option’ it once was for gambling or lottery companies. The fact that Lotto247 have this shows us that they can be trusted as a brand to enable us to play lottery in India.

Customer Support at Lotto247 in India

Lotto247 certainly don’t let us down with their customer service department – in fact it’s actually really good. They offer us three separate ways to contact them in case of an issue. The first way is via live chat, the second is via a help desk ticket and the third is a call back request. A call back request isn’t that common for an online lottery site so it should certainly be admired. You simply leave your phone number and they’ll call you – there’s no need to waste your own time ringing them and being put on hold.

Lotto247 App

Many of the top casino and lottery sites like Melbet and Lottoland do have apps, unfortunately there isn’t currently a Lotto247 app available to download. But fear not, the mobile version of the site is well laid out, quick and responsive. You can use the mobile site to sign up, login and choose your lotto ticket numbers so the lack of a Lotto247 app doesn’t really matter.

Final Thoughts

Lotto247 is a smart online lotto site which will appeal to a lot of people. It doesn’t have the broadest choice of games but if you’re after the biggest jackpots then look no further. You can trust this website, play from India and get get 1 US Powerball ticket FREE when you buy your first ticket. So what are you waiting for, give them a go.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lotto247 India

Yes, we only feature online casinos, online lottos and games which are legally available to play from India. As long as the Lottery provider has a registered address in the country of the lottery they are selling tickets for, then it’s completely legal.

Well the answer to this question is completely personal really. There’s no doubt that Lotto247 is a decent option that should be considered, but in our opinion Lottoland is the most complete online lottery provider available on the market.

At Lotto247 you will get your winnings paid directly into your lottery account. You would then need to withdraw them from there. But there is no rule which states that you must withdraw anything. You could leave any winnings in your account and buy more Lotto247 tickets if you wanted.

The Lotto247 site is owned and operated by secure view services limited. Upon further inspection it becomes clear that Secure View Services Limited is regulated by the Curacao Gambling Commission. This is enough evidence alone for lottery players to be able to trust the website. When we take a look at Lotto247 it also becomes clear that they house some of the biggest games like US Powerball, Mega Millions and the UK Lotto.

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