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Lottery Crusher

Price: $39.99
Trial: 5 Days
Guarantee: 60 Days
Description: Lottery Crusher claims to be a system that will provide consistent wins and entertainment all at the same time.

Oh my gosh! this system is the same basic system as another well known called Win Lotto Systems. What is going with these software systems? They are all the same, they do nothing as they claim, they all give you hyped up nonsense to get your money. Any person promoting these systems are full of you know what – move on find an honest system.

This system is the same nonsense as most other lottery software systems, it simply is not useful any longer. Yes, any system claiming is created by a professor you know that is a phony system. I can think of 3 that fall into that category, Lotto Black Book, Win Lotto Systems and Formula One Lotto System, all phony systems and just as useless as Lottery Crusher, I know this, been there done that.

Heads Up! People need to know that these lottery software systems are all virtually useless now, the data they give is all free now or they are giving you just random numbers. The true lottery systems that are worth using will not be software. If the system states it’s software just move on. If the system does not say it’s software than it is a non software system and will most likely be the best strategy to use.

Also, if any lottery system has an affiliate program, again move on it a scam system. No real system will bother with affiliate programs there is no need.

What is this crap? If I’m willing to pay my money then sell me a damn real product! It seemed very fishy to me…just crap!

The system is now a known false system, it’s good only for entertainment. Never mind the fact these types of lottery systems known as lottery software are no longer valid systems as all data they give come from random, or free sources straight off of main lottery game websites. So random numbers are worthless, the free numbers hot and cold from past draws are all free and easy to get yourself if you can spare 3 minutes of your time.

I have used this system when it used to advertise a 100 percent win rate, now they removed that as were caught lying. The fact is no lottery software programs are worth using any more. This system is similar to a system called Win Lotto Systems which also lies to people and was kicked out of Clickbank for being a scam.

If this software really works, why do they beg money by selling software instead of winning the lotteries.

Ha. I’ll pay 40.00 to sue to get my money back. I laugh when I see how stupid people are. I bet you the guy’s name isn’t even Larry. Whoever buys this is a class A dumb ass, take that larry! However, I gave him 2 stars because at least he’s smart enough to get someone to buy from him.

I have seen two. Lottery Crusher and Lotto Dominator. Same song and dance. I bought both and got my refund. Both are scams. Someone is getting rich off the snake oil they put in these books. Don’t be duped!! The companies make this money. No lottery magic!

I find this crap fascinating for the fact five people complain this guy is not for real. Plus, you write about your thoughts on him being an idiot. Yet every 6th person has paid to get his wonder tonic of a program in their hands. Truth be told who is the idiot, not him, it’s the one spending their last penny on such a ridiculous idea. I think the guy is a flipping genius. He’s like the guy at a home show selling the mop. It’s a f***ing mop for god sacks, yet the salesmen has pulled more revenue in than any other business selling their services at the show. If being gullible can create someone else wealth sign me up I will buy that for 197.00

If I told you, you could become a millionaire by getting dumb people to sign up on lottery winning propaganda for 197.00 dollars would you sign up on my website?
I’ll even give you a 61 day full money back guarantee! Bah ahaha ha

The best thing about this scam, is the hilarious reviews people give it on here. Sooo funny. Buy scratchers, odds are better and printed on the back. I hit $500 twice in 2 months, same game, same store. No guns involved. Lol

More BS to go with taking your money. I laughed at the “gun to my head” remark. This guy was an idiot, and I am being nice. I do lotto algorithms all of the time. There is a pattern though, they pick six numbers every time. There you have it, now give me $39.99. What a rip off.

Wake UP! Your ego is being massaged here and reptilian brain takes over… it’s the affiliates who make money off yet another gullible sucker wanting a quick fix. Odds are odds, just quick pick and eat your sandwich/burrito bought from the store. They won’t put a gun to your head like “Larry” said happened in his low blood sugar state of mind during his fantastic journey of fortune and destiny 😉

Hold on to your hard EARNED money, do anything BUT this.

I think of these scams like this..if it really worked it would be all over the news all over the world. Also, if they got so rich off system then why are they charging us ?

100% agree, – IF it was so good, why flog it off for $100. Plus? I also noticed the big luxury home shown on one of the videos is quite often shown on other money making promo sites too.
Personally, I give the promoter an absolute ZERO for being so dumb & stupid for trying to con decent, sensible people into wasting their money on his stupid program.

Using the “Law of Probability” based on past drawings is theoretical but not dependable. Too many variables, like predicting the weather based solely on prior year’s data (not on actual scientific data and instruments). The software is available for free, use Google to find it. These people are making money via clickbank or something similar. Affiliate marketing congesting the internet. Better off doing like me and go to a fortune teller to give you the numbers. Been doing this for many years, she tells me her prediction are getting clearer the more money I give her. Bwahahaha

I watched their sales pitch on lotto crusher. I fell asleep twice. Jeez boring Larry..
Thought why would they charge you money for the system. Why not just give it away to the supposed 175 people that have exclusive rights to it.. It’s a Scam popped into my head. If you made all this money on it, why would you charge for it? Mr. Add a Charity to your winnings.. I’m a Charity give it to me.. Don’t fall for it, another inter web scam..

I echo the comments of others who have commented on this site. I am SMART enough to HOLD ON to my HARD EARNED money, and I encourage others who listen to this “garbage” to just remember the tunes recently and in past years when the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots increase to massive multi million dollar amounts in the hundreds of millions of dollars. If these “fly by night” people advertising lottery crushers and ways to “BEAT” the lottery were for real, most state lotteries would be out of business!

If a person was winning so much money using this system, they sure wouldn’t spend so much time trying to sell this system. I think I’d have better things to do with my time and tons of winnings. Like anything else. This is a scam, if there was a way to predict the numbers the lottery offices would fix the problem instantly. State lottery officials employ some of the brightest minds in the world.

If this system really works, please send me the winning formula for picking winning numbers. I will not pay for the information, BUT if I win more than once, I agree to write a post every week for a year stating that the system IS NOT a scam, which will help sell the system to others.

I purchase a lotto crusher system in August. I waited. Then I email in Oct. I want to get my money back or sent me a book. I am awaiting.

Well, I pressed the button to purchase and there was not an HTTPS the S is a secure site. This one was not.

If you have this winning system and it really works how does the lotto, keep growing into the millions because no one has hit it, he hits the lotto every time someone falls this stupid trick his lotto comes from money you send. These people prey on people trying to get out of debt and live decently. Trust in God, you work hard for your money don’t give it away putting more money in this guys pocket.

Sounds like a pyramid scheme. I believe that’s the word you were looking for.

Talks like a typical Moron on an on an on an on an on with nothing said. I’m like rest Scammer.

I forget what it’s called, but people make web sites to make money, claiming u can make money too and it’s not true. This lotto crushed site there’s more than one person selling this system telling the SAME story about how they were held up at gun point by a store clerk for winning the lotto too many times at the same store, it’s a scam. It’s a chain of different people selling the same product and when they make a sell they get a portion of the money earned. I know because I was going to learn how to make money by doing the same thing different product through this site called wealthy affiliates teaches u how to do this, it’s all dishonest and bullshit that you I didn’t go through with it mostly because it’s about lying to people and take in the money that they worked hard to earn.

The lotto people follow the numbers very carefully. Trust me if there was a pattern of numbers being drawn statistically out of the norm the game would be shut down. They use multiple sets of balls which are all weighed and checked regularly.

I have never used this crusher system! But if this person has to sell it to me, when he himself is making all the money he claims he is and needs more than 30 minutes video to convince me to buy his software or whatever, it seems indeed like a scam!
If he really wants to help people, and he surely does not need the money, why charge $250 or $197 from people who do not have this money to spare?

Not so trustworthy… One video after they ask you for credit card? It takes a lot more than just empty story on how to win lottery. Promotional video without any real proof and logic that this “crusher” actually work. My oppinion is to be careful with these guys…

When ever the sales pitch uses a video press the back button.

Nothing special, avoid it. Lots of spams and it is just a random number generator, nothing more.

Even for $.02, this is still a ripoff! A hoax by a Nerd who uses an old textbook algorithm to make his claims look real. My dad who does MENSA problems for laughs, has a better way to build up your bank account. Buy Silver which is supposed to increase in price by 500% very soon! It is still inexpensive and can be used for barter or be sold if our US Dollar drops like a rock. At least you’ll still have your investment in your hand!

Here’s the bottom line for those who believe anything in gambling is “due” based on history. That’s why they call it gambling.

No matter what system is used, in the end you end up with a set of numbers. Those numbers have no more chance of winning that any other number. Lets say 14 comes in as one number 5 draws in a row. The chance of 14 coming in on the 6th draw are no better than the odds of any other number.

No “system” is going to give you any advantage, none!

By the way, I went to the hype site to see if it was going to be one of those long drawn out text presentations on video and of course, it was. That’s the first tip that something is wrong. Then they guy claims that a convenience store mgr held him at gunpoint because he’d won too much and must be cheating. Please.

If you want to throw your money away on the lottery, great, but don’t throw away more than the cost of a ticket, or you’re just another sucker. At least with most lotteries you have 1 chance in 250 Million of so of winning the jackpot. Hey, even I get a handful of tickets each year, as long as it’s not money I need for real expenses.

I’m 100% agree with Mike Dixon above.
Just think of it cold headed…..
If you making around $20.000/ month with the system why you need $ to sell it for $97.00 to 140 peoples?
You will make less money by sharing the winning!! Would not be more profitable kip it for your self the “secret” ?
There for if you only use one once of commonsense the long blabla-blable are to suck you in based on human greed.
The last big Power Ball was 1.5 Billions to crack it you would need The odds of winning the Power ball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338 millions according independent college math professor.
Here are one of the FREE no cost system to try it and it is FREE for everybody:Surce Los Angeles Time
if yo really get some money every time donate 10% to the person or charity that you think will be really need it.
That’s all folks.
Oh yes one more think 292,201,338 x $2.00 the cost of each ticket that over half million then you may hare with 2,3,4,5 winners…not bad at all.

william S. Scyoc

Good luck, if you have extra money to throw away it’s o.k. It is just entertainment. If you notice the reviews are by his company itself selling this product to uninformed consumers is his way of getting money 147 dollars.

If it is this easy to make money, you have to know that is a Scam. (STAY AWAY)

I got an ad in my mailbox…looked it up.
There is one born every minute… so the saying goes

Seemed attractive told would cost $87.00, then was charged $147.00 with $67.00 tax, so ammounting to $214.00 I felt I was conned so be careful. Steve

The 100% money back offer on the lotto crusher system is totally bogus. Been trying for ten days to get a refund. No response at all from the link provided.

The old adage applies re any betting system. If you have a sure fire winning system then you don’t need to make money selling it. Moreover, why dilute the winning pot by sharing your information with others? Simple.

i bought this item and never got the system from them. i tried to get them to send it to me–and i can not get a hold of them. please [email protected] me. 1650-2590-6779-4304

I was not able to get a refund! And when I tried to disput through Paypal they ruled in his favor. There is NO REFUND on this product, I’m $97 out. The 60 day money back guarantee is worthless.

Thanks, one of the only objective reviews of this on the web. The product is promoted with a referral system akin to a Ponzi scheme, which means that there are thousands of “reviews” out there, all of them bought by the vendor.

It seems hard to believe how anybody could fall for such a load of rubbish, but apparently they do. From minute one nothing about it makes the least bit of sense. The “inventor” of the system, who keeps claiming he’s a professional statistician, very obviously lacks even the most basic math skills, judging by the nonsense he spouts. He couldn’t have passed elementary school by the looks of it.

Ask yourself, if somebody actually had a system that worked, and would collapse the lotteries if too many people knew about it, would he share it publicly? Why does he need your $30 subscription if he can make hundreds of thousands of dollars each month with his system?

Those were my exact thoughts!

I never won even close to what I was expecting to. I was told it was a 1 time fee and that was it. He said to go to different places to purchase tickets as to not draw attention to myself like he said I would have to, because of all the money I would be winning. Then all of a sudden I went to log on and it had vanished and could not be found. If this clown ever resurfaces don’t waste your money. You could probably throw darts at a number chart on the wall and have a better chance.

I liked ur last paragraph Daniel. I also had that same thought. Nice to see that someone else had the same thoughts that I had. If he has so much money, why then is he asking for your $30 or $97 or whatever he is asking for these days. Such a scam. I don’t understand how some people actually fall for these scams. I do listen to the recordings of them telling how much money u can receive, but only for entertainment reasons. Just so I can have my laugh for the day when the recording is over. People need to use what common sense they should have & not fall for these scams.

Hi. Just listened to that garbage because I was curious. And, as I listened to the, “Because I’m rich now and want to give back”, I thought, “why isn’t the program free”? Then, at the end, I got: the lowered price of $197.00 dollars. Bah hahaha The speach makes no sense. Just couldn’t help but comment! Thanks!

Because he is probably in jail right now for lottery fraud and need bailout money to get out of jail.

Amen to that. Their “system” is probably nothing more than a random number generator. So many errors in their sales pitch video too. Like when he says he “was able to send his son to the best school in the COMPANY” LOL! The word on the screen was COUNTY! How embarrassing.

Even though there’s a money back guarantee, you can still get a 50% discount on it using – it truly is a wonderful product. I’m not sure how long the promotion runs for, but good luck!

how would anyone know if they wont’ let a person download it?

I purchased this item, but could not download the product. Tried to contact the company failed. The product was purchased in 2014 and 2015. My sales slip from click bank is misplaced.

Here is a link to the TRULY FREE version! I got it off of another site, and as of a few minutes ago, it worked. I downloaded it, and saved it to my computer. I haven’t read it yet, but it seems to be the same version of what that guy was trying to sell (without the boring ass story, and without the PRICE!! There are 131 pages, so make sure that you have enough space to store it. I’m not sure how long it will be there, but at least you don’t have to pay for it. And in case it DOESN’T work, you haven’t lost any money! I expect that the only REAL way to any make money from this, is to SELL it, like they did, lol!! Good luck!


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Lottery Crusher Exposed — The Only Thing It Can Crush Is Your Bankroll

Lottery Crusher Review

Looking at Lottery Crusher, I was a little dumbfounded. This site is as plain as it gets. touts itself as the ultimate solution to increasing the probability odds of winning lotteries. They claim we’re not taking the little wind, but some of those bigger wins – and consistent. So why would they share that with all of us and not just cash in on their system? Let’s talk.’s System

Now that’s the million dollar question. Opening up their website, people are accosted with a video that has a voice that should rethink this kind of thing as an occupation. “Larry” is there to talk to you. It’s a video that yabbers on about how good their system is. Okay – so far there is NO information on what it does, but simply how good it is. Their tagline is “Are you comfortable using an unfair advantage to win millions in the lottery and get rich” is about as much information as you get.

Terms of Service at

With a total of about 263 words, mainly they underline the fact that this system is for entertainment purposes and in no way does it guarantee you will win. Duh! There is no information on opting out if you sign up excluding the fact they say there is a 60-day refundable guarantee.

So What Does Lottery Crusher Cost?

Digging into the site, we finally got to the point that there is a five day trial at the cost of $4.95 and supposedly you can cancel during that time. After the initial five days, the price is $39.99 every 30 days. Okay, it gets more interesting. Bouncing around their affiliates, the costs change. One of them offers a one-year membership at $9.99 per month paid yearly at a price of $119.98 up front. Then there is a three-month membership of $59.97 ($19.99 per month) renewed every three months. The one-month membership is $29.99.

80% of lottery players choose “quick pick” when picking out their winning numbers.

If you prefer the special lottery software, visit our Lottery Tools page.

Where’s the Money?

Click on their affiliate site, and you get a better feel of who is making money on this. There is a heap of blah blah blah on the fact about the amount the average customer spends and what you can make. This looks like a pyramid type of game where the only people that win are the ones selling the system.

Listening to Larry at

I think at this stage I’d probably pay Lottery Crusher to change the voice of Larry. They claim he’s some 27-year-old guy who has won lots with lotteries and wants to share. Ya, right. And I’ve got the Brooklyn Bridge to sell you. It’s a shame at the very least; they didn’t get a better voice for Larry. It’s about as dull as it gets and he goes on and on. Okay, if you last long enough, you get to hear from Bob and Charles and a few others. They sound a lot more enthusiastic but still – no substance. Merely the fact the’s system works.

Larry & Customer Service

If you want to share your dislike for Larry’s voice or have questions, there is an online form. That’s it! No snail mail or email address, no phone numbers and no online chat.

The Bottom Line at Lottery Crusher

Seriously, folks – I can’t believe anyone would pay for this. There is NO information on what their system is excluding they use statistical date and amazing analyses to help you chose the best numbers to win. Give me a break. I get that there are systems out there that supposedly increases the probability odds, but folks, most of this is sheer luck.

If you want to have something that will help you go to sleep, just click on the site and listen to Larry. Their system might or might not work, but listening to Larry is better than counting sheep!

Lottery Crusher received 37 reviews with an average rating of 1.6. Read Lottery Crusher reviews before purchasing and consider what lottery players say about it. ]]>