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Rich Holman believes his magazine can help you win the lottery.

Yes, dear reader, healthy skepticism is in order.

But consider this:

The odds of a successful launch of a national magazine are about as slim as winning the lottery. And Holman has hit the jackpot.

A national roll-out is under way for LottoWorld magazine, the only national magazine devoted to playing the lottery. There are now 12 state and two regional editions; the first Pennsylvania edition went on sale last month. By the middle of next year, LottoWorld plans 22 state editions and seven regional ones to cover every state that offers a lottery.

LottoWorld has secured enviable distribution contracts and, in many states, the magazine vies with publications like TV Guide and People magazine for customer attention at the checkouts of supermarket and convenience store chains like Giant Foods and 7-Eleven.

“We want to be the TV Guide of the lottery-playing public,” said Holman.

The company went public in March to finance the rollout and in three months the price of its stock increased from $7 to $10 a share. Holman expects to sell 500,000 copies of each issue by the fall.

“You’ll never see us say, ‘You should play the lottery,’ ” explained Holman, president and editor-in-chief. “We say, ‘If you are going to play the lottery, play smart, play to win and get an edge on the odds.’ “

It’s the same philosophy Holman and his friend Dennis Schroeder followed when they launched the magazine in Naples, Fla., two years ago. They were investment bankers and businessmen, with little knowledge of the lottery. But they discovered “a huge untapped market with no competition,” said Holman. And then they armed themselves with knowledge and confidence.

Lottery statistics tell a large part of the story:

* 27 million people in the United States play the lottery every week.

* About 71 percent of the adult population plays at least once a week.

* Players spent $30 billion last year, more than triple the $9 billion spent in 1985.

* Pennsylvania residents spent $243 million.

There are 38 states with lotteries as well as the District of Columbia. Holman projects that Nevada and Utah will be the only states without lotteries in the year 2000.

Not surprisingly, magazines and newsletters have sprouted over the years to attempt to quench the public thirst for information. But they have been small, regional publications that primarily provide playing tips or larger magazines that cover all kinds of gaming, from casino games to lotteries.

The digest-sized LottoWorld is exclusively about state lotteries, about the games Super 7, Pick 6 or Lotto. It not only provides pages of strategies, tips and forecasts to improve the odds of winning, but also has human interest stories on winners (Holman calls them “lifestyles of the instantly rich, unprepared and famous”), features on celebrities who play the lottery and on lottery directors and news and updates on the lottery.

The July 10 issue contains stories such as “How to Enter the Lottery Zone” and “New: Mini Powerball.” There are lottery results, financial and tax advice and forecasts from people with names like Mr. Lucky and Palm Harbor.

The 80-page Pennsylvania edition of LottoWorld is largely the same as the other editions, except for 16 pages in the middle exclusively with news and forecasts about the state’s lottery.

Holman said he didn’t know “a lottery ticket from a football ticket” when he started LottoWorld, but he is convinced there is more than just a little something to the notion that lottery players can gain an edge on the odds if they follow some guidelines and take note of the forecasts.

Research, he said, proves that there are patterns to the winning numbers.

“I don’t know why the patterns occur. I just know they do occur and people who consider those are going to reduce their odds and increase their chances,” said Holman.

Among his simple suggestions:

* Avoid quick picks. Players who choose their own numbers win a higher proportionate number of jackpots.

* Reduce your odds by buying more tickets in individual games or pooling your purchases with friends and relatives.

* Play the trend. There are hot, cold and overdue numbers every week. Lotto World identifies them.

* Avoid patterns and combinations; for example, don’t use all numbers under 31 or multiples of 3, 5 or 7. If you win using these, you will have to share your jackpot with thousands of other winners.

There also are much more sophisticated ways to pick numbers, such as using something called wheeling. With wheeling, players choose maybe 20 numbers for a seven-number game. From those 20 numbers, 100 different combinations can be created.

“It guarantees some sort of minimum win if you can trap the winning numbers in there,” he explained.

There are computer programs to help players pick winning numbers. Some players consider the advice of psychics and astrologists.

Now that he’s a lottery expert, Holman uses many of the strategies himself and buys tickets every week with his staff. They haven’t yet won a fortune, but Holman claims they are starting to beat the odds.

Holman is prepared for the obvious questions about whether he is encouraging gambling abuse.

“If you look at gambling as a total $384 billion industry, lotteries are just 7 percent of the total,” he said.

Lotteries, he noted, have created more than 15,000 overnight millionaires. And people who know that will spend money on the lottery with or without LottoWorld.

“Lotteries are the most innocuous form of gambling. You plunk a couple of dollars down and for three or four days you dream you are going to win, and have some fun. There’s nothing else for a buck that will change your life.”

BUSINESSMAN HITS IT BIG WITH LOTTERY MAGAZINE Rich Holman believes his magazine can help you win the lottery. Yes, dear reader, healthy skepticism is in order. But consider this: The

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