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Table of contents

I. GLOSSARY . 3II.STRATEGY . 72.1. On to Systems . 82.2. Do Any Systems Work? . 92.3. Then why Play? . 92.4. Gamblers vs. Players . 92.5. Lottery . 102.6. Lottery Pick 3 and Pick 4 . 102.7. Tools . 102.8. Pick 3 Wheel . 122.9. Computers . 152.10. The Balance of Nature . 152.11. The Balance of Lotto Balance . 152.12. How to Create a Winning Ticket . 182.13. How I Play . 192.14. When You Have to Wheel . 202.15. Single Ticket Plan . 232.16. Running a Lottery for Beginners . 242.17. The Smaller Prizes . 26

III. WHEEL SYSTEMS . 493.1. What is a Lottery Wheel? . 493.2. A Beginners Look at Wheeling . 503.3. Advanced Wheeling . 50

IV. MATHEMATICS OF LOTTERY . 524.1. Frequency Distribution . 524.2. Delta Lottery Number Reduction . 544.3. Decade Reduction Strategy . 55

V. MONEY MANAGEMENT . 565.1. Money Management Systems . 56

VI. PSYCHOLOGY OF GAMBLING . 586.1. Winners and Losers . 586.2. Think for Yourself . 596.3. Common Sense . 596.4. Top 10 Myths about Lottery (and why they are not true) . 62

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