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Pick 3

Pick 3 is a favorite draw game from the Maryland Lottery featuring a top prize of $500. Draws twice every day and a choice of bet types and wager amounts equals more ways to win.

Pick 3 is drawn twice a day, seven days a week, so there are plenty of chances to win.

Monday through Friday, the Midday draw is held at 12:27 pm ET, and on Saturday and Sunday it takes place at 12:28 pm.

The Evening draw is held Monday through Saturday at 7:56 pm, while on Sunday it’s at 8:22 pm.

How to Play

Grab your playslip and choose three digits from 0 through 9 (for example, 123 or 112). On one of the playslip’s panels, mark each number with a vertical stroke. Each panel is one play, and you can play up to five times per playslip. To have the computer randomly choose your numbers, mark “Quick Pick.”

There are multiple bet types to choose from. Scroll down to the next section for more details on each one.

Decide on your wager amount for each play. You have a choice of a 50Вў or $1.00 play for all bet types except:

  • Combo Wager: 25Вў, 50Вў or $1.00 per play. A Combo wager is the same as 4, 5, 12, or 24 Straight wagers.
  • Straight/Box Bets: You must mark the 50Вў wager on the playslip. Your total ticket cost will be $1.00 (50Вў each for Straight and Box).

The total ticket cost equals the amount you bet on each playslip panel you’re playing, times the number of draws you’re playing.

You can play your lucky numbers for up to seven draws in a row. Mark the “Number of Draws” section on the playslip and whether you want to play Midday, Evening, or Both. One ticket will be printed regardless of how many draws you select.

Mark “Advance Play” if you’d like to play your chosen numbers for one or more future draws (excluding today). Simply mark the day you want to start playing, then select how many draws you want to play in “Number of Draws.” The “Number of Draws” may be up to six days from the date of purchase. Next, choose your draws: Midday, Evening, or Both. If you win before all your plays have completed, you will be issued an exchange ticket for the remaining draws.

Bet Types

Pick 3 has multiple bet types to choose from; here’s an overview of your options.


Win if your number is an exact match for the winning number drawn, with the digits in the same order. You may play any numbers. For example, if your number is 123, you will win if the number drawn is 123, with its digits in that order.

Combination (Combo)

Combo is the same as three or six Straight bets, and the ticket cost is three or six times your wager amount. The type of Combo you play is determined by the number you select.

  • 3-way Combo: Your number has two of the same digits. Example: 112. Equals three Straight bets.
  • 6-way Combo: Your number has all different digits. Example: 123. Equals six Straight bets.

Win by matching the number drawn in any order. For example, if your number is 112, you can win if the number drawn is 112, 121, or 211.

  • 3-way Box: Your number has two of the same digits. Example: 112.
  • 6-way Box: Your number has all different digits. Example: 123.

Straight / Box

Combines a 50Вў Straight bet and a 50Вў Box bet on the same ticket. The ticket cost will be $1.00.

  • 3-way: Your number has two of the same digits. Example: 112. Two bets, Straight and Box.
  • 6-way: Your number has all different digits. Example: 123. Two bets, Straight and Box.


Win by matching the first two or last two digits of the winning number.

  • Front Pair: Win by matching the first two digits of the winning number in exact order. Mark only the first two digits on the playslip panel.
  • Back Pair: Win by matching the last two digits of the winning number in exact order. Mark only the last two digits on the playslip panel.

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning

Here are the details of prize amounts for each bet type according to how much you wager, plus odds of winning. To help understand each bet type, “Example Pick” is a number you could choose, and “Example Winning Numbers” shows the winning combinations of those digits.

Information on Pick 3 from the Maryland Lottery, including how to play, bet types, drawing schedule, prizes and odds for the MD game with a $500 top prize and draws twice a day.

Maryland Lottery Introduces New Ravens-themed Scratch-offs

(Baltimore) – Although the 2020 football season may look a little different than past years, the Maryland Lottery and the Baltimore Ravens are teammates for the 12th consecutive year, and are once again partnering on the popular Ravens-themed scratch-offs. The two organizations have collaborated to introduce $2 and $5 Ravens scratch-off tickets. In addition, the fan-favorite second-chance promotion returns.

The $5 Ravens ticket features seven top prizes of $100,000, while the $2 ticket has seven top prizes of $20,000. Both games hit shelves today at Lottery retail locations across the state.

“We know our players look forward to football season and our Ravens tickets every year – this year maybe even more than in the past,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica. “Marylanders are excited about the team and about seeing live sports again.”В

Although the second-chance promotion offers the same prizes as last year’s contest, there are a few changes. Any prize that includes tickets to a Ravens game will be awarded for the 2021 season. The “Travel with the Team” prize will also take place next year, with the location to be determined.

To enter the second-chance promotion, players can submit non-winning Ravens scratch-offs into their My Lottery Rewards accounts, and then choose which prize drawings they would like to enter. Each non-winning $2 ticket offers two entries, while each non-winning $5 ticket will give players five second-chance entries. Here are the promotion details:

  • Six grand prize finalists will each win $10,000, and one of those six will win season tickets for 20 years.
  • Six additional winners will each receive $10,000.
  • Two winners will travel with the team to see a Ravens away game during the 2021 season.
  • Two winners will each receive club-level and one winner will receive lower-level season tickets for 2021 Ravens home games, plus a $500 shopping spree in the team store.
  • Ten winners will each receive season tickets for 2021 Ravens home games, plus $250 in Ravens Bucks, which can be used for food and merchandise purchases at the stadium on game days.
  • Ten winners will be selected to each win $5,000 cash and to participate in the Ravens Pass for Cash On-field Experience during the 2021 season.

“We appreciate the continued support of the Maryland Lottery,” Ravens President Dick Cass stated.В “For the 12thВ straight year, our fans will have the opportunity to win exciting Ravens prizes by playing these unique scratch-off tickets.”

Second-chance promotion offers nearly $500,000 in cash and experiential prizes ]]>