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How to check your tickets at home

To limit non-essential travel and the handling of tickets, you can check your tickets at home. It’s quick and easy to do: with all the tools we’ve made available to you, ça va bien aller!

To check draw-based lottery tickets

Online lottery ticket checker

Enter the control number on your draw-based lottery ticket in our online ticket checker to find out immediately whether it’s a winning ticket.

Lotteries app

The ticket checker is also available via our Lotteries app. And it’s even easier to use: just use the camera on your phone to scan the QR code at the bottom of your ticket to find out immediately whether you’ve won a prize!

Have Your Numbers Ever Won? tool

If you always play the same numbers, you can instantly check if they won for several draws by using our Have Your Numbers Ever Won? tool.

Enter your numbers and a list of the draws for which they won will be displayed.

Draw results

If you’d rather keep the suspense going, you can check your tickets manually by looking over the draw results on our website or via our Lotteries app.

To check past draw results, just use our See Past Draw Results calendar on the draw-based lottery game’s web page.

To check scratch tickets

Check-mark box

To check whether you have a winning scratch ticket, use the check-mark box in the bottom right-hand corner of your ticket.

  1. Scratch all the play areas on your ticket.
  2. Scratch the check-mark box .
  3. If the two symbols in the check-mark box appear in one of the play areas on your ticket, then you have a winning ticket!

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