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Bill And Helene Lawrence – [email protected]

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Bill Lawrence – [email protected]

Post by Screen Grab » 18 February 2020

from: Bill Lawrence
reply-to: Bill Lawrence
date: Feb 18, 2020, 3:52 AM

We bring greetings to you in the name of the lord. This message is sent to you as a notification that you have been chosen to benefit from our charity project aimed at touching lives and helping those that we can across the world as God has blessed us.

I won the Powerball lottery of $150Million on November 2, 2019 and I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $10Million to charity, I try to reach people randomly from different sources and modes so as to touch lives from different angles, Hence you are getting a message here.

You have been listed as one of the lucky recipients to receive $1M This donation is made out to you so to enable you strengthen your personal issues and mostly to generously help us extend hands of giving to the less privileged, orphans and charity organizations within your locality

To verify

Get back to me on how to receive the donation

Bill Lawrence – [email protected]

Post by WE-R-LEGION » 20 February 2020

from: Bill Lawrence
date: Feb 20, 2020, 11:38 AM
subject: Re: MY DONATION TO YOU.

I got your response and I like you to know that this is not a hoax because we did a personal search for the people we contacted. Your contact was submitted to me by Google Management Team and you received this email because I have shortlisted you as one of the lucky recipients. I and my family are grateful to almighty for this fortune and i thank him so much for the smiles he has put on our faces, so in turn I have decided to put smiles on the faces of other people.

You see almighty works in miraculous ways, You may be wondering why you received the email, I bought ticket at Gold Ranch Road in Floriston, And when I heard that a ticket from Floriston (Nevada County) had hit the jackpot, I checked my ticket The numbers just kept matching, I couldn’t believe it, My heart started beating really fast and I called my wife with the good news, I know you would be wondering in your heart and mind if this is for real but don’t panic it is well.

This is a life time opportunity and 100% legitimate, I have decided to make sure this is put on the Internet for the world to see, I am not getting any younger, You see after taken care of the needs of my immediate family members, I decided to donate Few million (USD) to other individuals around the world in need, the local fire department, the Red Cross, Haiti, hospitals in Truro where Ricky my Son underwent his cancer treatment, and some other organizations in Asia and Europe that fight cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes and the bulk of the funds deposited with the payout Bank, the payout bank of this charity donation. We have kept just 60% of the entire lottery sum to our self for the raining day.

You don’t have to be skeptic about this as this is not a scam, it is absolutely a blessing from God, I believe i am doing the right thing in deciding to put smiles on the faces of other people by reaching out to some individuals, the less privileged ones and charity organizations too.

To facilitate the disbursement process of the funds $1,000,000.00 USD has been solely donated to you, please send us your contact address and any identification of your self and phone number, so that we can forward your details over to the payout bank immediately, We are hoping that you will be able to use the money wisely and judiciously over there, We will employ you to do what you can to alleviate the level of poverty in your region and also try to enhance the standard of living of as many people as you can because that is the only objective of donating this money to you in the first place.

In view of all these, I want you to know that measures have been put in places for my intentions to be implemented swiftly and by so doing, I request that you re-confirm your details once again so that I can immediately forward your information’s to our pay-out bank.

Full Names:
Phone Number:

Please be aware that I do not need your information for any other purpose, I only need these information because I need to have a correct record of who I am dealing with so as to establish a better relationship with you.

from: Bill Lawrence <[email protected]> reply-to: Bill Lawrence <[email protected]> date: Feb 18, 2020, 3:52 AM subject: Re: $1MILLION DONATION ]]>